Statewide IRWM Funding

Funding Success! The East County’s participation in the IRWM program and development of the IRWM Plan has resulted in the successful acquisition of grant funding for the region. Under Proposition 50, the region received $12.5 million; under Proposition 84, $3.3 million; and under Proposition 1 Disadvantaged Community Involvement Grant Program, $300,000 (to date).

Participation in IRWM and inclusion of regional projects in the IRWM Plan have assisted member agencies in receiving funding awards from other grant programs as well. For example, regional projects have received Proposition 1E funding, Proposition 50 and Proposition 1 desalination funding, and other non-IRWM Prop 84 program funding.

The East County IRWM Region is currently pursuing implementation funding through the Proposition 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Program Round 1.