IRWM Projects

IRWM projects are those that are integrated in nature, or those that when implemented in concert with other projects, provide a wide range of benefits.

IRWM Projects should meet one or more of the objectives included in the 2015 IRWM Plan Update, which are designed to achieve the water management goals of the region and address priority water management issues.

IRWM Projects that are approved for inclusion in the IRWM Plan are eligible for IRWM-related funding opportunities, such as Proposition 50, Proposition 84, Proposition 1E, and Proposition 1 funding.

The project list of the IRWM Plan is designed to be dynamic and a living document, with the project list updated during funding opportunities and IRWM Plan updates.IRWM Projects that have received grants through state-wide IRWM funding programs include:

Submitting Projects

Project proponents may be local or regional agencies, or stakeholders that represent the region’s interests (e.g., NGOs with a water-related project or water-nexus). Projects are generally not evaluated until a funding opportunity opens or the IRWM Plan is being updated.

Project proponents must have a valid e-mail address and complete the online form to submit projects.

For more information regarding project scoring and evaluation, please refer to Chapter 3 of the 2015 IRWM Plan Update.
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